Friday, November 21, 2008

Who Vanderbilt fans should root for today (besides Vanderbilt)

So you're a Commodore fan? Who should you root for today?

• LSU to beat Ole Miss. If the Ole Miss pulls the upset in Baton Rouge, Houston Nutt and the Rebels could be headed for the Cotton Bowl, bumping LSU and South Carolina — and Vanderbilt — down a notch.

• Miss State to beat Arkansas. This game is pick ’em, and the Razorbacks aren't sure which Dick brother to start at quarterback in Starkville. At any rate, it's in the Commodores' best interest for there to be fewer SEC teams for the bowl committees to choose from. The Bulldogs are long gone from the bowl picture, but a win would eliminate the Razorbacks too.

• Florida to beat The Citadel. Like this is even in question. This would easily be the biggest upset in NCAA history, even greater than Appalachian State's victory in Ann Arbor last season. A Gator defeat this week or next week might result in one instead of two SEC teams getting BCS bids, and that would knock all the other conference teams, including Vanderbilt, down a notch. The difference could mean the Independence Bowl and Shreveport instead of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl and Atlanta.

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