Sunday, November 2, 2008


OK, so Vanderbilt is now lumped into six teams that failed to get a single vote from either the Associated Press or USA Today polls.

Here goes, with the AP poll listed first:

1. Alabama (1/1)
2. Florida (4/5)
3. Georgia (14/14)
4. LSU (15/15)
5. South Carolina (32/30)
6. Kentucky (NR/39)
12. Arkansas (NR/NR)
12. Auburn (NR/NR)
12. Ole Miss (NR/NR)
12. Miss State (NR/NR)
12. Tennessee (NR/NR)
12. Vanderbilt (NR/NR)

By the way, the AP poll is superior to the USA Today poll. Case in point: Texas was No. 1 last week and Oklahoma was No. 4. Makes sense because Texas beat Oklahoma head-to-head. After Texas lost to Texas Tech, the AP poll dropped Texas to No. 5 but dropped Oklahoma to No. 6. You know, because Texas had still beaten Oklahoma head-to-head.

Not the USA Today poll, which allowed the Sooners to leap-frog the Longhorns. Boo.

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