Saturday, November 8, 2008


Boy, I’m glad we had a week off. Instead of 28-0 at the start of the second quarter, we’d be losing, say, 35-0 if we hadn’t been fine-tuning our offense over the past 14 days.

At the least, we could have worked on blocking when we punt. Start of the second quarter and we’ve had two punts blocked and almost three.

Sure, we can’t tackle Tebow and we can’t stop the Gators. But nobody can stop the Gators. The problem continues to be our offense. We’ve got to get some first downs, keep our defense off the field, and at least put their offense on the other side of the 50 yard line.

I don’t want to hear in the post-game press conference that this wasn’t Mackenzi Adams’ fault and so we left him in the entire game.

Mackenzi put up 7 points against Duke. Let’s get somebody in the freaking game who can at least lead us to a couple of first downs.

When the Gators start shuffling in their second teamers in a few minutes, let’s put in Larry Smith.

Could we be playing worse right now? No.

Is Florida one of the best teams in the nation? Yes.

But we still look pathetic.

This is Florida. But instead of putting the ball in the hands of our best athlete — i.e. DJ Moore — we’ve got Gaston Miller returning kickoffs.

But I’m impressed. He hasn’t fumbled a single time yet.

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