Saturday, November 1, 2008


The game's not over just yet, but there's no doubt about it. Vanderbilt will be playing Florida on the ESPN2 night game next Saturday at 8 p.m. ET. And really, the Commodores have nothing to lose. At last glance, the Gators were whipping Georgia 49-10.

You know how I said Cutcliffe took Bobby Johnson to school last week? Well, Georgia's Mark Richt, who clearly has the talent to match any team in America, has been taken to school by Nick Saban and now Urban Meyer. And by being taken to school, I don't mean losing by a field goal like Johnson did to a team of a similar history and standing. I mean getting blown out of the stadium.

Considering that the Gators just blasted a team on Vanderbilt's level (Kentucky) and a team above Vanderbilt's level (Georgia), what do the Commodores have to lose? Oh yeah, and don't forget that the Commodores are 5-0 this season at night and 3-0 on the ESPN family of networks.

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