Saturday, November 29, 2008

LIVE! UPDATE: Vanderbilt at Wake Forest: Halftime: WF 10-3

So instead of leading 10-3, we throw a pick on the two yard line, let Wake march down for a TD and now we're losing 10-3.

• Nickson back in, pitches to Graham who gets a first down on the spread option.
• 1st & 10 on the VU43. Nickson throws to Justin Wheeler, who drops it. Put in DJ. Smith and Wheeler are not SEC caliber receivers, though the throw could have been better.
• 2nd & 10. Nickson running for his life on a broken play, gets a first down on a brilliant darting run.
• 1st & 10 on the WF45. Graham at quarterback, Nickson at wide receiver, DJ takes the handoff. Gain of 7. I like it. Let's get on the backs of our best athletes.
• 2nd & 3. Graham crushed for a 2-yard loss. This is a good Wake defense.
• 3rd & 6. We're going backwards. Nickson diving for the first down and fumbles but he's being called down. They better run another play quick because he fumbled just like he did last week against Tennessee. Now it's under review. That was a fumble, I do believe. But the play stands. Wow.
• 4th & 2 on the 36. And we're punting. I wish we'd play to win. If we give up another score this game is over.

• Pendergrass picks up a yard or so. DJ Boldin has the first down. If we don't stop Wake on this drive, this game is over. But I've already said that.
• 1st & 10. Fullback gets a couple.
• 2nd & 7 on the WF33. Skinner on the run. A yard short of a first down.
• 3rd & 1 on the WF39. Tim Fugger stops Adams a yard short. That was a huge play, or could be.
• 4th & 1. Punting.

• 1st & 10 on the VU20. Jennings picks up 2. He's just not as good a runner as Graham.
• 2nd & 8 on the VU22. Nickson keeps for 2. Now he's coming out for Adams. It's 3rd & 6. Adams is sacked. Now he's clutching his arm and now his shoulder. The announcers are second-guessing Johnson for putting Adams in the game but these guys are clueless. Adams isn't the answer and Nickson isn't the answer so maybe both of them can take turns. But now Adams is hurt. Hey, let's put in Larry Smith.
• Now we're punting. Upson got roughed. That's the advantage of having weak punt coverage is that other teams think they can get a block on us and then they rough the punter just like Kentucky did.
• 1st & 10 on the VU25. Nickson is back. He jukes and jives for about 4. Can DJ or Jamie throw the ball?
• 2nd & 6 on the VU29. Nickson throws to Sean Walker for a first down with 1:35 left in the half.
• 1st & 10 on the VU39. Incomplete screen to Graham.
• 2nd & 10. Another screen to Graham, but this one good for 8 yards. 1:20 left.
• 3rd & 2 on the VU47. We're 1 for 6 on 3rd down conversions. Make that 1 for 7. Almost intercepted.
• We're punting. This time they do block it. Hello! We've kind of got a problem here!

• Skinner throws it away instead of being sacked by Stone.
• 2nd & 10. Skinner in trouble and throws it away again.
• 3rd & 10 on the VU36. Skinner hit as he throws and its incomplete.
• This would be a heck of a long field goal. 47 seconds left. Wake time out.
• Swank's trying a 53-yarder. It's short.

• 1st & 10 on the VU. Nickson runs about 20 yards and gets 1.
• 2nd & 9 on the 37. Nickson throws incomplete to Wheeler.
• 3rd & 9. So we run. Now we're punting. Or trying to punt. Sweet punt to the one yard line. It was a 60 yarder. It hooked at the end zone.

• Wake falls on the ball and the half's over.

That was ugly.

Player of the game: The entire Commodore defense

Play of the game: Swank short on a 53-yard FG attempt for Wake

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