Saturday, November 29, 2008

LIVE! UPDATE: Vanderbilt at Wake Forest: First quarter: VU 3-0

Here we go:

• Nice kick return by Gaston Miller.
• Short run.
• Nickson short-hops a pass to Sean Walker.
• 3rd & 8 on the 45. Another horrible looking pass by Nickson. OK, put in Adams.
• Punt. Ryan Hamilton is down on the field. That's not good. 13:53.

• Hamilton's walking off the field.
• Wake running back off to the races for 15 yards. Could we be signing off at halftime this week too?
• 1st & 10 on the WF45. Teddy Pendergrass picks up a couple. Actually I made up his first name. It's Brandon but I like Teddy better.
• 2nd & 8. Short run. 3rd & 8. Thrown out of bounds.
• Punt. Alex Washington takes a fair catch.

• Graham lines up at running back and drops the ball but falls on it. Nickson is hurt on the field. Now he's jogging off and Mac's in the game.
• 2nd & 12 on the VU9. Mac throws over George Smith's head. We look like the 116th ranked offense in the nation.
• 3rd & 12. Pass out of the backfield to Graham who's close to a first down. And now the Demon Deacs are flagged for a personal foul.
• 1st & 10... make that 1st & 15. Brandon Barden called for a false start. On the VU32. Adams fumbles the snap then throws it to nobody. He's a pinpoint passer but doesn't have a strong arm.
• 2nd & 15. Jamie Graham takes the pitch and gets a first down. I'm loving Jamie at tailback.
• 1st & 10 at the VU47. Barden bobbles a pass and it's almost intercepted. Barden's had shaky hands as of late.
• 2nd & 10. Jennings takes the pitch but there's a penalty. Barden called for a false start again. He didn't come to play.
• 2nd & 15 on the VU42. Bad pass to Jennings out of the flat. You know Wake Forest leads the nation in takeaways?
• 3rd & 15. Adams throws it to George Smith who steps out of bounds... about 11 yards short of a first down. Can Mackenzi throw the ball farther than 5 yards downfield.
• Wake returner calls fair catch and drops the punt. And Sean Richardson the freshman has it.
• 1st & 10 on the 20. Jamie breaks tackles and gets about 4.
• 2nd & 6. Adams can't hit Jamie Graham.
• 3rd & 6 on the WF16. Adams hits Walker but his foots on the back line of the end zone. Nice try.
• Field goal's good. That's only the second time all season we've scored first — and that was when we beat Kentucky.

Player of the game so far: Jamie Graham
Play of the game: The fumble recovery by Sean Richardson, who'll fill Reshard Langford's shoes nicely next season.

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