Saturday, November 29, 2008

LIVE! UPDATE: Larry Smith finishes out the game for Vanderbilt

Now Larry's back in with 3 minutes left.

Oh, and the ball's on the 3 yard line thanks to a stupid penalty on Gaston on the kickoff.

• Larry to DJ, a short gain.
• Larry to Barden, who drops it.
• Larry almost throws another pick.
• Going for it on 4th & 4 on our own 9. Larry fires a pass to Wheeler who dives and gets it.
• Larry to Sean Walker who actually catches the ball.
• 1st & 10 on the VU25 with 2:10 left. Larry to Wheeler again, for 3. Timeout Vanderbilt.
• 2nd & 7. Larry fires an incomplete pass.
• 3rd & 7 on the 28. Larry sacked.
• 4th & 12. Larry under pressure and throws incomplete.

So we're gonna lose. But I'm glad Larry Smith got some playing time and I'm glad we're going to a bowl. We can take our pick between the Liberty and Music City bowls.

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