Saturday, November 22, 2008

LIVE! UPDATES SUSPENDED: Some thoughts before signing off

It's halftime in Nashville and we're losing 20-0 to the Vols. We'll be going to either the Liberty or Music City bowl. My vote is Liberty because I think we're more the speed of a C-USA team and would rather not play, say, Georgia Tech or Florida State.

Some other thoughts:

• Well, I was right about Senior Day. We stink on Senior Day.
• Well, I was right about day games. We stink in day games.
• Some bowl games at night: Chick-Fil-A, Liberty, Independence.
• Nickson looked terrible, and we have 25 yards of total offense at halftime. "We were terrible on offense," Johnson just said. You are correct, sir.
• Hey! Might we see Larry Smith?
• Mackenzi looked sharp, but Jamie Graham shows why you have to pay attention all the time when you're facing a tough defense.
• Phil Fulmer deserved to be fired. How could this team have only won three games?

Have a nice Saturday afternoon. See ya.


Anonymous said...

I still am wrestleing with wether or not Ted Cain is the worst Offensive Coordiator in D-1 or FCS or Tennessee High School or whatever classification you want to look at. Or, whether we just have inferior athletes and are doomed to have the worst offense in the country for all eternity.


Yes, that offense would have been fine if we'd been the ones ahead by 20 points. My problem is more with personnel. Why weren't we throwing to DJ in the end zone at the start of the second half? I think the only reason we beat Kentucky was that Jamie Graham and George Smith were hurt and we had no choice but to play DJ at wide receiver.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, if we were playing to win we play DJ on offense on every play. Either as a decoy or target, he helps us win.