Saturday, November 15, 2008


Do you realize how rare it is for the Commodores to (a) score two touchdowns in less than one full game and (b) have a lead in the first quarter? This has to give a huge boost to our defense.

• Hawkins picks up some tough yardage. 3rd & 4 on the VU38. Now he keeps it and it's 1st and 10 on the VU45. Welcome back, Chris. Man, it's good to have you back.

• 13:53: Nickson running for his life and sacked for a pretty big loss. Now it's 2nd & 16 on the VU 39.

• 12:52: Hawkins takes a pass and gets rocked at the 44. 3rd & 11. Chris throws it way over Sean Walker's head. We're punting.

• 12:02: Cobb's returning the punt again. But Kentucky roughs Upson again. Wow. Thank you, Kentucky. We're back in business. Back to back roughing the punter penalties for the Cats.

• 12:02: 1st & 10 on the VU42. Now Jennings takes a screen up to the VU26. We look great.

• 11:38: DJ takes the handoff and darts up to around the 10. But it looks like a holding penalty. And it is. That was Ryan Custer, and he didn't need to do it. Jennings run and now it's 2nd & 13. Incomplete to Moore.

• 10:13: 3rd & 13 on the VU30. Jennings picks up the first down on a screen but there's a flag on the play. Another holding, this time on George Smith. Can George Smith block? What a wimpy looking penalty.

• 9:58: 3rd & 16 on the VU 34. Now there's another whistle. We called a timeout. Hey, let's throw it to DJ in the end zone again!

• 9:40: 3rd & long: Chris keeps it and gets up to about the 25. We've got the wind at our backs. You know Hahnfeldt hasn't hit a field goal since September? This'll be 42 yards.

• 8:45: It's blocked and Kentucky returns it for a touchdown. Unbelievable. PAT good. Now it's 14-7 instead of 17-0. That could be the turning point in the game. Let's hope not.

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