Saturday, November 15, 2008


Can you believe we've actually scored 31 points? It's great to have Chris Nickson back, huh? Now we're up 31-17. But don't forget how Kentucky came back to beat Arkansas in Lexington about a month ago. Here we go with the rest of the game:

• 13:55: Cobb throws for a first down. 1st & 10 on the UK45. Cobb throws a screen pass. 2nd & 5 on the 50.

• 12:58: Cobb fumbles a handover and falls on the ball. 3rd & 8. Cobb crushed behind the line of scrimmage by Chris Marve. I think Marve's OK. Fourth down.

• 11:15: Punt goes out of end zone. 1st & 10 for the Commodores at the 20. Expect Nickson and Hawkins to take turns carrying the rock.

• Nickson throws it out of bounds. 2nd & 10. Jennings picks up 3. Run, clock, run.

• 10:30: Nickson has about a 40-yard run that will be called back because of a penalty. Ouch.

• 10:18: 3rd & 17 on the VU13. It's 4th down. That run would have sealed the game, and the penalty was a killer.

• Are you feeling the pressure? I am. It's been 26 years since we've been to a bowl and we've squandered 17 chances since then to become bowl eligible. We're in the same position we were in last year in Knoxville.

• 9:43: 1st & 10 on the VU47. Cobb fires a pass down to the VU15. The receiver pushed off and should have been called for interference. Myron Lewis fell down.

• 9:06: Cobb down to the VU10. 2nd & 5. Cobb scores, breaking tackles and diving into the end zone. It's under review but should stand.

• 8:22: The PAT is good. Vanderbilt hanging on, 31-24.

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Anonymous said...

That was offensive interference.