Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well, here we go with the fourth quarter. Maybe we can shut down this Brantley guy. Are our starters still in the game? Let's don't get anybody hurt. Let's save everybody for the Tennessee game. If the Vols can lose to the Wyoming Cowboys in Knoxville, they can lose to us in Nashville.

• Brantley fumbles, but Gators fall on the ball. Now Myron Lewis sacks Brantley. yes, our starters are still in the game?

• Davie just says LSU missed a chip shot field goal at the end of the game that would have beaten Alabama. Actually, Alabama missed the field goal to win it at the end of the game, then scored a touchdown to win in overtime. Hey, Bob, need a research department?


• And we fumble it. But fall on it. Around the 5 yard line.

• Nickson back in the game. I'm not kidding, we really need to put Larry Smith in the game. We may not have any other mop-up opportunities this season, and then Nickson will be gone and we'll have only one experienced quarterback in Mackenzi Adams.

• 9:59: We're punting again. And the Gators roughed Upson. They're like pit bulls going after raw meat.

• Nickson back in the game. Could we stop throwing that little screen pass to the running back? Some Gator's gonna grab that thing and take it to the house.

• Nickson shakes and bakes and leaves a Gator's nethergarments on the field. He's some kind of athlete. Let's put in Larry Smith at quarterback and Nickson at running back.

• Jennings fumbles the ball but falls on it.

• Nice catch by George Smith. Did you know George took his mom to the prom his senior year in high school? Is that a good thing?

• Gaston Miller rips off a nice run.

• 5:23: 3rd and 3. Incomplete pass to Barden. Go for it!

• 5:13: 4th & 3. Nickson throws a touchdown to Sean Walker. Foghorn time. 42-14.

• Let's start Nickson for the rest of the season. Mackenzi hasn't done jack-you-know-what since the Auburn game and he lost the right to lead this offense after the Duke debacle. (Still not as bad as the 2005 MTSU debacle, by the way, because that team had Jay Cutler.) But hey, let's get some stops, call timeouts, and get Larry Smith some P.T. And one more TD and we'll beat the spread.

• DJ gets a pick, his fourth of the season.

• 3:45: Nickson still in the game. We're on the 16. Nickson doing some more shaking and baking.

• 3:10: Gaston picks up 3 yards. 3rd & 4.

• 2:48: Nickson throws somewhere in the vicinity of Udom Udom Udom or whatever that guy's name is.

• Going for it on fourth down. Timeout.

• 2:28. 4th & 4. Nickson throws it away. On fourth down. A microcosm of our season.

• 1:54: 2nd & 11 for Florida.

• 0:51: It's fourth down. Hey, let's put in Larry Smith!

• 0:43: Nickson back in the game. Tackled. Clock running down.

• 0:06: Last play. Well, actually, next to last play. Illegal shift.

• 0:01: We're on the 33. We throw in the towel. Game over. Larry Smith's uniform clean.

Player of the game: Chris Nickson.

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