Saturday, November 15, 2008


We're up 21-7 and have outgained the Cats 261-15. Here we go:

• 1st & 10 on the UK20. Dixon gets about 5 yards. 2nd & 5 on the 25 with the clock ticking. Bad pass by Cobb.

• 3rd & 5 on the UK25. Another three and out? Yes, Dalron Spead breaks up a pass. And no DJ's returning the punt. Good call.

• 1:50: But Kentucky fakes the punt and catches the Commodores off guard. 1st & 10 on the VU 45. Great call by Brooks and the Cats' first first down of the game.

• 1:42: Cobb corralled at about the 43 but there's a flag on the play. Chop block on a Cat lineman. We decline and it's 3rd & 8 on the UK44. Cobb on the run, pressured by Marve, throws a wobbly pass that's broken up by Sean Richardson. Going on fourth down. Incomplete, and we've got the ball, 1st & 10 on our 44 yard line.

• Let's get some more! Nickson goes long to George Smith. Nice pass. Smith drops the pass and then gets rocked. I love that we're going deep here.

• 0:30: Now Hawkins is flying for another first down. 1st & 10 on about the 42. Pass to Barden. 2nd & 5 on the UK35. Chris throws another beauty to Walker who drops it. Nobody was covering him.

• 0:18: 2nd & 10. Nickson to DJ for a first down at the UK27. Now offsides on Kentucky. The Cats have really helped us, but we'll take it.

• 0:07: Hahnfeldt hits a field goal in a month other than September! We're up 24-7.

• 0:02: Now we're kicking off. Squib kick. Halftime. Nice job, Commodores!

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Anonymous said...

Man, this is tough. Going back and forth between the Bama game and a potentially historic Vandy game. Go 'Dores!

Otherwise, no food of note to report.