Saturday, November 29, 2008

LIVE! UPDATE: Larry Smith back on the attack for Vanderbilt

Third and 5 on the 17 and Larry throws a swing pass to Kennard. Now we're punting.

There's still time, 9:35. Upson just had a punt partially blocked. I'll be back when Larry's back.

OK, Larry's back.

• 1st & 10 on our own 3 yard line. Yikes.
• Walker gets 7.
• Now it's 3rd & 2 on the 11. Graham hands off to Walker who picks up the first down.
• Kennard Reeves gets a first down but Jake Bradford was called for holding.
• 1st & 17 on the VU7.
• Smith gets 2 on the keeper.
• 2nd & 15. Larry needs to throw. Long throw to Sean Walker. Who drops it. It was a beautiful throw. Smith can throw it downfield, unlike anybody else we have. He needs to throw to DJ, the only decent deep threat we have. Time out, Vanderbilt.

There's nobody in the stands. People put down Vanderbilt's fan support, but I think it's a private school thing: smaller student body, fewer alumni living in the state.

• 3rd & 15. False start. Smith intercepted. That's OK. We needed Larry to get some experience and we did. We should have gotten Larry experience when we were getting plastered by Florida or last week against Tennessee.

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