Saturday, November 22, 2008

LIVE! Vanderbilt-Tennessee: Halftime: Vols 20-0

Nickson is back in the game. He drops the snap and loses 10. Then throws a bad pass. The boo birds are out. The Raycom guys are playing psychologist with Nickson now. 3rd & 20. Nickson keeps the ball for a couple (are you kidding?).

Another poor punt by Upson. We couldn't be playing worse. And Nickson didn't come to play.

• 1st & 10: Coleman throws to fullback for 6.
• 2nd & 4: Jerald Jones lines up at quarterback, gets the first down. Vols are gonna put this one away.
• 1st & 10: We play ring around the rosy with Arian Foster, who loses a yard.
• 2nd & 11: Let's get a stop here, guys. Babysteps. Coleman gets rocked by Marve.
• 3rd & 17 on the VU44.
• 4th & 7 on the VU34. Vols call timeout. Now they're attempting a 51-yard field goal.

Is Mackenzi coming in. Yes.
• 1st & 10. Completion to Barden.
• 2nd & 3 on the 42. Adams to George Smith.
• 1st & 10 on the VU48. Can't quite hit Jennings.
• 2nd & 10. Barden into UT territory. We lose last timeout.
• 3rd & 7 on the UT48. First down to George Smith.
• 1st & 10. Penalty on the Vols. 1st & 5 on the UT34.
• Beautiful pass to Graham who tips the ball into the hands of Vinson who runs deep into Commodore territory.
• Now UT's kicking a field goal.


What a disappointing first half performance.

But hey, you don't have to travel to Tampa to see the Commodores play in a bowl. In fact, you'll be staying in the state of Tennessee.

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