Saturday, November 22, 2008

LIVE! Vanderbilt-Tennessee second quarter: Vols 10-0

We're losing. Nickson's getting stuffed. Hawkins is in the locker room. And Tennessee is a different team when they have the lead. Here we go:

• D.J. takes the kickoff up to about the 27.
• 1st & 10 on the VU27: Nickson almost sacked but throws the ball out of bounds.
• 2nd & 10: Jennings stuffed. CAN WE THROW A FREAKING PASS?
• 3rd & 10: Jennings knocked for a loss on a screen pass. He looks shaken up.
• 4th & 10: Now we go offsides. Upson shanks the punt. We're going to go ahead and lose this thing right here. This is a nightmare beyond Duke proportions.

• 1st & 10: Hardesty goes 29 yards.
• 1st & goal on the 8 yard line. This is gonna be a blowout. Hardesty stuffed.
• 2nd & goal on the 11. Hardesty back to the 8. Neither team has thrown a pass beyond the line of scrimmage. Now Broderick Stewart is down. Looks like an ankle. Stewart's being taken off the field on the John Deere. He's trying to pump up the crowd. They need pumping up. Of course, they need a reason. Stewart's gone off the field and surely for the season.
• 3rd & goal on the 8. Coleman hit by Benoist, gets the ball off and Reshard almost gets a pick.
• 4th & goal. 25-yard field goal is good. Ten points is a huge hole against the Vols defense.

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