Saturday, November 29, 2008

LIVE! UPDATE: Vanderbilt at Wake Forest: First quarter: Tied 3-3

We're leading. Hey, we're underdogs and it's a night game, right?

Here we go:

• 1st & 10 on 20. First down on a nice run by Anquan Boldin's little brother DJ.
• 1st & 10 on the WF32. Short run. 2nd & 9. Pass to Boldin. 3rd & 5. Boldin gets 9 on the screen. That dog can hunt. But he did drop that punt that led to our score.
• 1st & 10. Now 2nd & 7 at the 50. Gain of 1. 3rd & 6. Skinner has lots of time and throws to Josh Adams who gets 30. Wake has a good offensive line, and our rush looks non-existent.
• 1st & 10. Adams gets 4. 2nd & 6 on the VU15. Adams tripped up. 3rd down again. 3rd & 5 on the VU14.
• Nice pressure. Flag in the end zone. Good coverage by Myron Lewis and it was offensive interference. 3rd & 20. Nice stop on a screen by Hamilton. This ESPNU announcing crew is terrible; Myron was clearly interfered with, they showed it four times, and the announcers don't understand what happened. I think they're drunk. Just thought you'd like to know.
• Wake's Sam Swank hits a long field goal. Tied 3-3.

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