Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here we go with the third quarter. Oh joy.

• 14:46: We manhandle Brandon James on the kickoff return. We rock.

• How many points is Florida going to try to score? Tebow’s still in the game and may try to ring up Heisman numbers. He just threw a bomb to Harvin who’s covered like a glove by Josh Allen.

• Now Bob Davie’s talking about how Tim Tebow might play quarterback and not fullback in the NFL because he has a “good-looking delivery.”

• Wow. We’ve forced Florida to third down. Incomplete pass. But interference on Dalron Spead. Davie calls him “Day-ron.”

• Now Tebow picks up 15 yards on the keeper. Now Tebow’s lining up at wide receiver and Harvin’s at quarterback. Did you know he still has a church bulletin that Danny Wuerffel signed for him when he was in junior high? No kidding. Really.

• 11:55: Tebow was invited on stage by Kenny Chesney. But he’s still a grounded young man. Another first down for the Gators.

• 11:00: Gators on the 25. Whoops, make that the 1-yard line. Our zone defense has been impressive. We had a man at least within 15 yards of him.

• 10:12: Harvin stuffed at the 1. Another impressive goal line stand for the Commodores.


• When does Meyer pull Tebow?

• 4:30: Now Hawkins blasts down to the UF17. Nickson's in the game and Davie's talking about how the Gator coaching staff was nervous that Nickson would get in the game. Yeah, the Vanderbilt coaching staff was nervous about that, too.

• 3:17: You know, it's good to see Nickson running around back there. Everybody talked about how Adams was almost as good a runner but Chris is so much faster and more elusive. Now he's down to the 2-yard line for an apparent first down.

• Actually, we're a yard short. Just heard Adams has a slight hip pointer. I say it's severe. I say Larry Smith needs to get in the game. Have I mentioned that?

• OK, we're lining up on third down and Chris bulls his way in there. First and goal on the one. The crowd's going nuts. The give to Jared. He gets his head taken off. Fortunately, I'm being figurative.

• Nickson throws a Georgia-style pass to Graham. You know, the play he scored twice on against the Bulldogs. Incomplete.

• We do it again. Touchdown. Foghorn time.

• Now it's being reviewed. Sheesh. It's 42-0. Give us the 7. Well, 6, Hahnfeldt would still have to kick the PAT. Even Davie's saying give us the 6. Nice effort by Jamie.

• Touchdown's good. Davie didn't expect us to drive down the field and score, or to score in the red zone. But if he'd done his research he'd know we're now 23-25 in the red zone. Am I being hard on Bob Davie?

Player of the game: Chris Nickson, because he picked up a first down or two and he threw a pass and it wasn't intercepted. In fact, it was a touchdown.

• 0:45: Hey, a new quarterback in the game for the Gators. John Brantley. He fires another first down. Hey, what's the name of the Florida punter? Do they even have one?

• End of the third quarter. Can we just end the game? Wait, no, Larry Smith hasn't played yet. Did I mention we should put him in the game?

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