Saturday, November 8, 2008


8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8
Nashville, Tenn.

OK, you're already laughing. And this post will look pretty stupid if the Gators hang 50 on Vanderbilt later today. But really, do the Commodores have a chance?

I was talking to a Florida fan last night and he asked me about the line and I told him it was Vanderbilt +22 at the start of the week and has moved up to 24. And he said, "Sounds about right."

And then he said, "Y'all haven't scored more than 10 points all season, have you?"


That's how we win. The Gators don't take us seriously.

They start doing the math: We're averaging more than 50 in our last three games, they can't even hit double digits against Duke.

Sure, Urban Meyer's talking about what a nice little team we are, and so are his players. They don't believe it. In his press conference, Meyer's talking about Vanderbilt and what a brutal environment Dudley Field will be at night and in about four seconds he's back on his favorite subject, how Percy Harvin is the best player in college football.

So we catch them off guard. We get some turnovers. They get some stupid penalties. The crowd gets into the game. Our players start to think, Hey! We're playing at night on ESPN! Just like when we beat Miami of Ohio and South Carolina and Auburn.

And whatever offensive plan we cooked up actually works. We start to believe. They start to doubt. It could happen.

My official pick is Florida 34-17. Yes, 17 points for the Commodores. I think our defense is gonna take one to the house.

And my unofficial pick is Vanderbilt 28-27. Our defense takes four to the house and the Gator kicker misses another PAT.

A man can fantasize a little, can't he?

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