Saturday, November 15, 2008


That Kentucky touchdown hurt. But if you'd told me we'd be up 14-7 in the first quarter I'd have taken it. Sure, it feels like the a huge momentum shift so now we need to answer. Here we go:

• DJ gets stuffed inside the 20 on the kickoff return. You can feel the Wildcats come to life after that kick block and touchdown.

• 8:40: 1st & 10, Nickson skips a pass to Justin Wheeler. 2nd & 10.

• 8:25: Hawkins darts for the first down. He gets decked like he always does against the Cats, but he's got a first down.

• 8:07: Hawkins takes a screen pass and gets maybe a yard. We're midway through the second quarter and our defense has been on the field for six plays.

• 7:20: Nickson on the keeper and gets about 8. The Cats look tired on defense and Nickson is juking and jiving against them. 3rd & 2 on the VU37.

• 6:34: Jared Hawkins is runnin' wild! He's in Wildcat territory. 1st & 10 on the UK 44. Nickson slips and down for no gain. 2nd & 10.

• 5:25: Hawkins finds a seam and gets about three. He's running well. But it's 3rd & 8 on the UK 42. DJ's in the game.

• 4:48: Ball tipped and incomplete. Lindley on Moore is a good matchup. Upson's punt rolls through the end zone. We might could have caught up with that one.

• 1st & 10 for the Cats on the UK20. Let's get a turnover. Or at the least, let's get to halftime with a seven-point lead and then make some of those adjustments we were famous for in September and early October.

• DJ intercepts a pass from Randall Cobb. He's caught three passes in this game, two touchdowns and one interception.

• 4:19: 1st & 10 on about the 20. Moore still on the field. Nickson takes off for about 20 and is down at the one-yard line. 1st & goal at the one.

• 3:43: Jennings stuffed. Still 2nd & goal. I'm confident in our abilities once we get inside the red zone. Nickson spins and lobs it to Barden, who makes a great one-handed catch and dives for the end zone. TOUCHDOWN! Actually, the play is being reviewed. His knee may have been down. Bob Davie's not sure the evidence is indisputable.

• "After review, the play stands as called." The fans don't like it. I do. Hahnfeldt hits the PAT. We're up 21-7.

Hey, we've scored more than 14 points in a game! Do you believe in miracles!


Unknown said...

Have you seen the Troy score?


No, but one of my kids just said Troy's winning. How cool would that be?

Unknown said...

Troy is up 24-3 at the half. It would be way cool. Wish I were in Baton Rouge right now.