Saturday, November 15, 2008


We're dominating the Wildcats except for two plays: the blocked punt/return for the Cats' first touchdown and Moore's fumble of a punt that led to the Cats' second touchdown.

Here we go with more of the third quarter:

• You know we're 106th in the nation on kick returns. Gaston Miller promptly fumbles it and then gets up to the VU18.

• 9:33: Jennings takes the option pitch and gets 2 yards. 2nd & 8. Pass to DJ Moore. Flag on the play. Pass interference even though he caught it. First down.

• 9:05: 1st & 10 on the VU27. Hawkins breaks out of a crowd and picks up six. 2nd & 4 on the VU33. Nickson keeps it but Vanderbilt called for holding. Jeff Jennings the culprit. Bob Davies says this game's going to have a crazy finish. Is he trying to keep people from going to bed?

• 7:56: 2nd & 14. Nickson gets a couple. Now 3rd & 12 on the VU25. Nickson sacked. Fourth down and, as Larry Munson would say, 5,000 miles to go.

• Upson punts but — are you kidding me? — the Cats rough him for the third time in the game. Wow! But Vanderbilt had an illegal formation so the penalties cancel each other out. We have to punt again.

• Cobb on the return. Great punt by Upson. But Cobb gets 11 on the return.

• 1st & 10 on the UK47. Great field position for Cobb and the Cats. Cobb keeps it and gets about 5.

• 5:30: 2nd & 6 on the VU49. Incomplete pass after the running back bobbled the screen. 3rd & 6. Cobb on the run but short of the first. Kentucky hasn't yet converted on third down. Are the Cats going on 4th down? Yes.

• 4:31: Long pass on fourth down. Hamilton fell down. 1st & goal on the nine. Cobb nearly sacked but no cigar.

• 3:45: Broderick Stewart can't stop a receiver in the backfield on a reverse. Four yard gain. Cobb stuffed by Hamilton.

• 3:08: 3rd & goal on the VU8. Cobb lobs a pass out of the back of the end zone. Fourth down.

• 2:41: Field goal attempt. It'll be 25 yards. Sieber hits and it's 24-17 Vanderbilt.

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