Saturday, November 22, 2008

LIVE! Vanderbilt-Tennessee second quarter: Vols 7-0

If we could have scored early, the Vols would have been in a hole. Now they've gotten a turnover of their own, evened up the field position and now are grinding it out. No passing yards for either team. Vols have 52 rushing, we have 9.

• 1st & 10: Creer gets 3.
• 2nd & 7 on the VU 30. Coleman tripped up by Billinger after getting 3.
• 3rd & 4 on the 27. This is big. Coleman keeps and picks up the first down.
• 1st & 10 on the 18. Can't the Vols put Crompton back in? Creer gets 6.
• 2nd & 4 on 12. Coleman keeps and gets another first down. Jared Hawkins is limping into the locker room.
• 3rd & 1 on the VU7. We need a turnover, but then again, we don't need the ball deep in our own territory. This is exactly the game Fulmer wanted and it's all courtesy of Nickson's fumble while he was stretching for a first down.
• Hardesty for a touchdown. This could get ugly. This could be like the Vols' 35-3 victory over Miss State.

We need a sense of urgency.

PLAY OF THE GAME SO FAR: Nickson's fumble.

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