Saturday, November 15, 2008


The Wildcats have slowly grabbed control of this game and trail by only a touchdown. Here we go:

• 2:37: Kickoff to the Commodores. Gaston Miller takes it up to the 30 yard line.

• 2:29: 1st & 10. Hawkins gets a couple of tough yards. 2nd & 6. Hawkins slammed to the ground. 3rd & 8 on the VU35. Nickson escapes a sack and then throws an interception. But Nickson got roughed and we still have the ball. Rich Brooks doesn't like it. I love it. Watching the replay, the defender definitely went high on Nickson and deserved the flag.

• 0:51: 1st & 10 on the VU49. We call a timeout. Which gives the announcers time to talk about how we last went to a bowl game in 1982. Perhaps, says one announcer, the idea of a sixth win is having a psychological effect on the Commodores. Ya think?

• 0:14: Go Chris! Nickson rips off a 36-yard run. 1st & 10 around the 15. End of the third quarter. We need a touchdown here.

• 0:00: End of the third quarter.

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