Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank you, Chris Nickson

He did what Kurt Page couldn't do.

Or John Gromos.

Or Mark Wracher.

Or Eric Jones.

Or Mike Healy.

Or Marcus Wilson.

Or Ronnie Gordon.

Or Damian Allen.

Or Greg Zolman.

Or even Jay Cutler.

Chris Nickson led the Vanderbilt Commodores to a sixth win and almost certainly a bowl bid. Certainly many other players and Bobby Johnson and all the coaches helped Vanderbilt get over the hump.

But to beat Kentucky, the Commodores had to have offense, something they haven't had for months. And Nickson gave them 167 yards of pinpoint passing, 118 yards of gutsy, elusive running, and a whopping 31 points.

All on a miserably cold, wet night. And it was just enough to win.

You could have given up on yourself, Chris. The fans certainly did. After the Miss State debacle and after you entered the Georgia game for one play and fumbled, I did.

But you didn't give up on yourself. You didn't give up on your team.

And now you've done something special, something nobody can take away from you.

And something that thousands of fans wearing black and gold will treasure forever.

Thank you, Chris.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Thank you for your heart and determination to not give up!! Thank You!!

Diezba said...

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