Thursday, November 13, 2008


It takes awhile to turn around an aircraft carrier. People talk like Bobby Johnson has had tons of chances to win six games while he's been at Vanderbilt. Remember that he won six games combined in his first three seasons (2002-2004). Then the 2005 Cutler team didn't win its fifth until the last game.

Last season, Bobby and the Commodores were 5-3 with four games remaining, just like this season. And they were facing the same schedule. Here's what happened:

• Lost at Florida, 49-22
• Lost to Kentucky, 27-20
• Lost at Tennessee, 25-24
• Lost to Wake Forest, 31-17

Of course, this year the Commodores will have seven chances to get a sixth win. So counting this year's losses to Miss State, Georgia, Duke and Florida, Johnson is 0-8 with a sixth win on the line.

It's been fairly well documented, but Johnson is 2-19 in the month of November. Here's how the losses break down:

• Florida 0-7
• Kentucky 1-5 (Win: 27-17 in Nashville in 2003)
• Tennessee 1-5 (Win: 28-24 in Knoxville in 2005)
• Wake Forest 0-1
• Alabama 0-1

All of these teams were bowl eligible by the end of the season except for the 2005 Tennessee team and 2003-2005 Kentucky teams.

What does all this mean? Hopefully nothing.

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