Saturday, November 29, 2008

LIVE! UPDATE: Larry Smith throws his first bomb for Vanderbilt

Larry just threw his first long ball. He's got a cannon. Incomplete to Walker who sort of stopped in the end zone and let it go over his head.

Now Larry gets 8 on the keeper.

• 3rd & 2. Larry throws a nice pass to Brandon Barden who gets the first down. 3:05.
• 1st & 10 on the WF35. Kennard Reeves rips off 9 yards. He hasn't run in a long, long time.
• 2nd & 1 on the WF26. Kennard picks up 14 yards. Wow.
• 1st & 10 on the WF12. Reeves spinning and driving for about 5.
• 2nd & 5 on the WF7. Larry gets a couple.
• 3rd & 4. Reeves clobbered. Don't be afraid to let Larry pass.
• End of the quarter. We're on the 5, and we're gonna kick a field goal.

How about we play to win. I'll be back when Larry's on the field.

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