Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Reshard Langford, the excellent safety for the Commodores, made these interesting points during a press conference earlier this week. Let me break it down for you:

"The speed is the key to their program because of their offense and the things that they do. But, we're in the SEC and everyone's fast. We're a fast team, and we're going to go out there ready to compete with them on Saturday."

Hmmm. So Florida's fast, but everybody in the SEC is fast, and Vanderbilt is in the SEC, so Vanderbilt is fast too and will be able to compete with them Saturday.

On how he plans to counteract Florida's speed: "Just go out and play physical. We just have to go out there and play our game, and play hard."

But don't you have to catch them to get physical with them?

More on the big game with the Gators: "I don't think it's going to be any different than any game that we've played this season."

That's right. You're either going to win or lose.

"Not to say anything about the past, but just like Georgia, they had been putting up a lot of points, and we played with those guys. We held them below their average, so it's going to be another game to go out there, and fight, and play hard against Florida."

Yeah, maybe you can hold them below their average. Say, to 48 points. And maybe our offense can score more than our average. Say, 17 points.

I'm not making fun of Reshard. He's a heck of a football player and by all accounts a great kid. And somebody put him in front of a microphone and told him to represent the team.

I just think it's ridiculous for Vanderbilt players to say anything about this game except they're going to do the very best they can. Personally, I want to get this game over and move on to the next and stop talking about what we're going to do. And when we win our sixth game, let's talk about how hard we played and what we did.


Anonymous said...

The way our offense looks I don't see how we can score any TD's at all. Also, may not get close enough to make a fiels goal. As we saw against DUKE, 17 yard line (ie 34 yd field goal) isn't close enough.


I've been thinking about that too, Greg. We're pretty good in the red zone if we get there, but Hahnfeldt's recent performance hasn't been encouraging. And field goals don't matter much against Florida.