Thursday, January 28, 2010

We've got ourselves a basketball team

Sure, this blog is devoted to the uphill battle that is Vanderbilt football. And though we've been comforting ourselves lately by tracking our fairly impressive collection of three-star recruits, we haven't overlooked the fact that the basketball team is kicking butt.

What an impressive victory last night in Knoxville. Last year's team would have lost by double digits but this one kept grinding it out. Dolla Beal took over the game. We played suffocating defense like we did late against Bama and in the second half against Auburn.

Stallings is right to note that Kentucky will be angry. I'm not making any predictions there. It's just nice the day after a game to hear UT whining about a five-star athlete (John Jenkins) from the Volunteer State who was wearing black and gold and taking them to school.

Nash who?

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