Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vandy tried to keep Nash Nance on board, but God told him to go to Knoxville

OK, I know we've spent an awful lot of words on Nash — I mean Knox — Nance, but it's been interesting and kind of funny, hasn't it?

Anyway, Nance committed today to Tennessee. And as much as the Vandy faithful would like to think that Bobby Johnson just got fed up and yanked his scholarship, the AJC reports that Johnson, Ted Cain and Jimmy Kiser visited Nance at his home last night, and Nash told them that he'd prayed about it a lot and that God was leading him to Tennessee.

Click here to read Nash's entire statement. It's a long, gracious missive praising Bobby Johnson and everybody at Vanderbilt but then talking about how Derrick Dooley's a real man of integrity and Tennessee's business school is really pretty darn good and he's really "relieved" and "blessed" to be going to a real football school.

Here's just a taste: "In my opinion the Vol nation has a new head coach with integrity, extreme drive to be successful, and a common man that all young athletes will relate to and will love going to battle with every Saturday."

Oh, the solemnity! The camaraderie! The joie de vivre! After he finished writing this, young Nance sat down and ghost-wrote Kurt Warner's retirement speech.

Anyway, the best part are the comments attached to the AJC story. If you're feeling bitter about this and want a pick-me-up, check them out. Here's just a few:

GADAWG: Bad decision on Nance’s part. TN already has two QB’s (one four star & one three star) from this class already enrolled that are better than him. He will never see the field except maybe for the scout team... I wish him the best but if it were me I would have gone to Nashville and actually got on the field and I also would have received a better education from a more respected educational institution... A degree from Vanderbilt carries more weight than a degree from TN (and yes even GA). I have a feeling this was all for daddy and his daddy just screwed him.

YOUBETCHA!: Well Da’Rick's job is done. He was just helping his buddy get an offer from UT. I look forward to Da’Rick signing with UGA next Wed. Go Dawgs!

DEAN: Yeah, I got to say a degree from Vandy is quite an accomplishment that in and of itself would carry you a long way. The other SEC schools are football factories. Unless he has real NFL talent he may have just made a huge mistake.

GADAWGS: Nance’s father is a millionaire, he made it on carpet; and to be in the know at UT probably means more to his future than an excellent education at Vandy. And remember the old saying: it's not what you know but who you know.

WHERE'S MY CRACK PIPE?: No way Dooley broke down his junior year film. Unless they wanted to see how not to play QB. If Dooley wanted to see a highlight film of INT’s, fumbles, and just pure dumbass plays then he saw that on his junior year film!

CALHOUN BOY: I think the decision is easy for DaRick. Follow Nash to college and be financially secure or go on his own a be broke just like any other college student.

JASON: Probably a good choice by Nance. If he went to Vandy, he’d be holding the clipboard for 2 years before transferring to Furman.


Anonymous said...

As a youth pastor, I am offended by that reasoning. I understand that he's probably a Christian and wants to use "spiritual" language (because he probably did think about this process in a spiritual way). But, it's also spiritual to "let your 'yes' be yes and your 'no' be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation." (James 5:12). If he wasn't going to sign with Vandy (or was possibly going to NOT sign with Vandy, then "spiritual" thing to do would have been to not commit.

But, he is a teenager, and I hope that he enjoys his time at UT

Dimon said...

Amen, brother.

Greg M said...

Nash will be a good coming home fit for UTC when BJ Coleman graduates.


And until BJ leaves, he'll be doing his best Jim Bob Cooter impersonation on the sidelines in Knoxville.

Anonymous said...

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