Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rajaan Bennett has committed to Vanderbilt... and here's a real link just added Rajaan Bennett to its list of Vanderbilt commitments. Here's the link.

Rajaan's the first 4-star prospect to commit to the Commodores since John Stokes, who actually got two stars from other evaluators.

Bennett gets four stars from and three apiece from Scout and ESPN. The Rivals' evaluation of Bennett actually compares him to Knowshon Moreno and Ricky Williams.

Rivals says he's got blue-chip size, strength and agility, and describes him as "a smart, high-character kid."

"He will play as a freshman," the report continues. "He understands the importance of pass protection, and he is just too big and strong to be left redshirting. What will separate him from the rest of the players on his team are his incredible hands and body control as a receiver, especially for a big back."

So when is Bobby Johnson installing the wishbone?


Thomas said...

I think installing a triple option would not be a bad idea considering the number of good young running backs we have and the dearth of wide receivers.


Remember in the Army game when Zac Stacy was lining up at quarterback and running the option?

Thomas said...

Not only do I remember, I was there. Perhaps we can see more of that with our deep stable of backs. I guess the signing of Rogers is a clear indication that they will not become a triple option team like Georgia Tech. Perhaps we can put Norman in the slot a good bit and let him catch it in space while rotating Tate and Stacy at running back.


We'll post about this later, but I think you're on to something when you suggest putting Norman in the slot. No way we put Norman, Stacy, Bennett, Tate, Reeves and Priester (if he plays offense) into the game one at a time. Norman and Stacy are both receiving threats, perhaps Tate has a bit of brother Golden's catching ability, and the Rivals evaluator raved about Bennett's soft hands and receiving ability.

Stanimal said...

We need some lineman to clear holes for this incredibly dangerous backfield we've developed.


You're exactly right, Stanimal. Our success next season depends on how fast guys like Ryan Seymour, Wes Johnson and Mylon Brown can develop. In the meantime, it's fun to think about all of our exciting young backs.