Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stone's still in the running... maybe

The thing about even trying to comment on recruiting is that we're always gonna be a couple of steps behind what's actually happening. So I hope James Stone hasn't already committed to Alabama, which is where lots of folks, including some Auburn fans, think he's headed.

One of our anonymous buddies pointed out that Parker Mack is headed to Princeton. It's always cool when a kid who could play in the SEC chooses the Ivy leagues. That makes Vandy fans feel better than if he'd chosen, say, Stanford, which is where athlete Darren Daniel committed.


Anonymous said...

Parker Mack had not been pursued by Vanderbilt since the summer, so him going to Princeton should mean nothing to Vanderbilt fans because VU hadn't even tried to really recruit him in several months.


OK, so you tell me: Which recruits are still being pursued by Vandy and vice-versa?