Tuesday, January 19, 2010

James Stone saves his Vanderbilt visit for last

You probably know that James Stone, the coveted offensive tackle from Maplewood, Tenn., has narrowed his schools to Auburn, Alabama and Vanderbilt.

The cynic in me says that Stone has already chosen to play for the defending national champs and just to buy himself some time — or to create some drama — is feigning indecision between the Crimson Tide, another football school in Alabama, and an academic school near home. But what do I know?

According to scout.com, Stone visited Auburn last weekend, is visiting Bama this weekend, and is saving the best for last with an official trip to Vanderbilt, where he's no doubt visited before, next weekend.

There's another theory that perhaps Stone is reconsidering UT because he didn't like Kiffin and now Kiffin is gone. It's not my theory and I don't like it.

Anyway, hope Stone's Vandy visit is a good one, and that he doesn't cancel it and announce in Tuscaloosa this weekend. But we're awfully close to signing day, so he'll probably take all his visits and then on signing day do the thing with the hats.

Defensive end Tim Jackson from Florida is also scheduled to visit soon.

Oh, while Stone's on campus, I hope somebody mentions that our left tackle just graduated and the rising senior with the most experience at tackle is no longer on the roster. Another way to say this would be, "Hey young man, how'd you like to play in an SEC game in less than eight months? As opposed to redshirting at Alabama?"


Anonymous said...

Stone Officially took Vanderbilt off his list today


Dang it, you're right. It's interesting that scout.com just announced this and at the same time downgraded Stone to three stars.


By the way, thanks for the tip. You watch this stuff pretty closely.