Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No, Mack Brown doesn't feel sorry for his little brother

My buddy Chuck Williams sent me this quote from Pasadena, where he's covering Alabama for the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. A reporter from Birmingham, where Watson used to coach UAB, asked Mack if he felt sorry for his brother — you know, because he's had crap jobs like Vandy.

"Watson is my brother for you that don't know, and he's a year and a half older. He coached at Vanderbilt, he coached at Rice, he coached at Cincinnati, he coached at Austin Peay, and he coached at University of Alabama Birmingham, really took the leap from I- AA to Division I.

"I am not. The reason I've had a different career than Watson is because I've had better jobs. I've always thought he's a better football coach than I am and he does a tremendous job with very little, and he's done it throughout his career. And if you ask whether I've had a better career or Watson, I would really think Watson has had a wonderful career. How many people can be a head football coach in college for 20-something years and touch that many lives?

"I haven't felt sorry for him because very few people get to be a head coach. Those that become head coaches usually don't get to stay after three years. So he's had wonderful moments, and he had a winning season at Tennessee Tech this year, the first one that they've had in a long time. Watson was as proud of winning the state championship in Tennessee and winning their sixth game and having a winning season at Tennessee Tech as we would be if we won this ballgame."


EricSanSan said...

Interesting. I actually worked at UAB while he was there. How do we contact you?

Eric SanInocencio
SEC Digital Media Director

1050 lb. said...

Watson was a good coordinator but a lousy SEC head coach. It's worth pointing out that he took UAB to a bowl.

Dimon said...

Happy new year, 1050. Yes, a good coordinator, a lousy SEC head coach, and an improbable bowl participant. I wonder what we'll be saying about Bobby Johnson in 20 years.