Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't forget that Vandy needs a punter

With less than two weeks till signing day, everybody's talking about Vandy getting another big offensive lineman or a wide receiver or even another running back like Rajaan Bennett.

But what do we really need that nobody's talking about?

A punter.

Brett Upson, who became Vandy's starting punter the minute he walked on campus as a true freshman, has used up his eligibility and we've got two walk-ons left on the roster.

Quick, what are their names?

Richard Kent and Walt Wepner.

Maybe one of them is great and maybe Bobby Johnson's not worried about it. But I do know Vandy had offered a scholarship to William Russ of Shreveport, and Russ committed to Arkansas last week.

Don't be surprised if a punter pops up on the radar here in the next week or so. And he becomes Vandy's starting punter the minute he walks on campus as a true freshman, and we don't have to talk about this for another four years.


Davis said...

This (besides WR) has been one of my biggest concerns going into next year. I know Upson didn't have the strongest leg, but his ability to pin opponents deep by landing a kick right on target helped us tremendously in a lot of games (Music City Bowl MVP, remember?). I really hope we have someone to replace that right away, Vandy can't ever afford to lose the field position game because of bad punting.


You're exactly right. Upson was a huge part of our team. When you've got a good defense and a three-and-out offense, your punt can be the difference between winning and losing (or losing respectably and getting blown out).

1050 lb. said...

Seemed like for years Vandy always had great punters--maybe because they got more practice than any other SEC punters. Jim Arnold, who punted for the HOF Bowl team and then had a respectable NFL career, and Ricky Anderson are two that come to mind. I was astounded to learn that Upson was Vandy's first All-SEC punter since Bill Marinangel. Ah, Marinangel--he who ran a fake punt for an 81-yard TD at Alabama. Such cojones. Vandy lost, of course.


Ah yes, who can forget Marinangel. The longest run in school history by the punter... pretty much sums up Vanderbilt football.

The punter when I was in school was David Lawrence, who was a good one too.

Aaron said...

Kicker Carey Spear, is supposedly in town here this weekend visiting. He hold the ohio state record for a 61 yd FG, but it was on a free kick off a tee, but lined up like a FG (i.e. not a big running start)


Can he punt?

Aaron said...

No idea


No doubt he's a great high school kicker. He won a game with a 51-yarder.