Sunday, January 31, 2010

We'll wait until the kids sign Wednesday to analyze Vandy's recruiting class

You we're going to break down Vandy's recruiting class and tell you who's got the best chance to play when and where. And we're dying to do it.

But first, we're gonna wait until signing day and these kids have put pen to paper. Plus, we may get a late commitment or two. And maybe a late decommitment, which is the price you pay for recruiting kids that other schools actually covet.

And which is why Bobby Johnson was driving through snow storms on Friday before the dark period began.

Here are a few things yet to watch:

• Did Sharrod Golightly have a good visit to South Carolina and does he want to jump ship?

• Is Jerrell Priester still a lock for Vandy? Kentucky would love to have him, and Wildcat fans are comparing him to Randall Cobb and saying they still have a great shot to get him.

• Is James Pott, the fine Florida runner committed to Buffalo, still considering switching to Vandy if he even still has an offer after Rajaan Bennett's verbal commitment this weekend?

• Are we making a late run at a quarterback — such as Tyler Arndt of Texas — to fill the vacancy of Nash "I'm so relieved and blessed" Nance?

• Are we going to try to pick somebody up at another position, such as offensive line or a true punter?

Any thoughts?


Russ said...

I am crossing my fingers that we don't lose anyone else. I have a question: What are the chances that Jordan Rodgers starts next season for Vandy?


He's enrolled in school and he'll definitely get the chance to compete this spring with Larry Smith, who still has a canon for an arm, is still a talented athlete and still has to prove he can do the job.

At the least, he pushes Larry to improve and earn the job. But if Jordan Rodgers can improve our passing game, which is highly possible, then he'll win the job. Coaches are desperate to develop a passing game that can at least set up what should be a solid running attack.

And if you're wondering, Jordan, like his older brother, is a pretty good runner.

Russ said...

Cool thanks man! Go Dores!! I personally would like to see Rodgers be the starter... he seems it air it out more.


Of course, our offensive line is gonna need to give him time to throw.