Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Horrible news for Commodores: Bradley Roby commits to Ohio State

While we were laughing at Tennessee, the news was trickling down that Bradley Roby won't be coming to Vanderbilt after all.

Roby, who was expected to step into the Vandy starting lineup at wide receiver, had visited Ohio State in the summer but committed to the Commodores after the Buckeyes failed to offer him a scholarship. He'd flirted with Auburn some in the fall, but now Ohio State has extended an offer to Roby and he's jumped at it.

I can't tell you what a huge blow this is for Vandy. Wide receiver is clearly the weakest position on the team. Sure, we've got four other guys committed to sign in February (Jonathan Krauss, Chris Boyd, Trent Pruitt, Jordan Matthews) but Roby was undoubtedly the cream of the crop.

This is the latest in a string of recent bad wide-receiver-related news for Vandy:

• Justin Wheeler's career-ending injury in the spring
• Terance Jeffries-Harris being declared ineligible in the summer
• John Cole's injury in the summer
• Everybody's miserable performance in the fall
• News that rising sophomores Collin Ashley and Brady Brown are leaving school

Maybe the Commodores can pick up another receiver prospect such as Julian Horton.

It'll be interesting to see what we do with our offense in the spring. We've got some talented run blockers on the offensive line and five good to potentially great running backs in Warren Norman, Zac Stacy, Wesley Tate, Kennard Reeves and Jerrell Priester, if he doesn't jump ship too.


Anonymous said...

jerrell priester looks like he may have to go to prep school if he wants to qualify for vandy, but this news of Roby hurts more because he had a better chance to come in right away a play. Roby is still scheduled to visit this weekend so maybe our coaches will work their magic

Thomas said...

I know Collin Ashley went to Arkansas, where did Brady Brown go?


Not sure. I've just heard that those guys hadn't enrolled in class this semester.