Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lane Kiffin bolts to USC and Tennessee fans react with their usual insight and intelligence

Hey Vandy fans, are you happy right now?

I sure am. And I wasn't sure why. Until "1050 LBS," a fellow Vandy graduate, e-mailed me to say this:

"Oh, the UT-related schadenfreude."

Schadenfreude. Taking pleasure in someone else's misery. Kind of like what happens when UT fans pack Dudley Field every other year and laugh at our players on OUR senior day.

So forgive us if, yes, we're taking pleasure in the fact that Lane Kiffin is headed to USC — and while he's breaking the news to his former players, his recruiting coordinator's in the other room frantically calling recruits on his UT-issued cell phone telling them NOT to early-enroll in class the next day or they won't be able to follow Team Kiffin to California without sitting out a year.

Right now I'm reading a Tennessean story about it and especially enjoying the comments.

Know why Tennessee fans started setting fire to mattresses when they heard the news? Know why the Tennessee legislature is right now screaming NO! and rejecting the annual proposal to honor the UT football coach?

Well, because one year didn't give them enough time to spell their head coach's name. They've had time to get the first "i" down pat, and they were working on the second one, so about half of all UT fans still spell his name "Kiffen."

(On the bright side of things, earthquake survivors in Haiti will be receiving Kiffin UT T-shirts to wear.)

Here are some of my favorite UT reactions:

• "You reap what you sew."
• It's the governor's fault. (Kiffen saw the righting on the wall and skeedaddled.)
• We finished second (albeit a distant second) with a coach who didn't want to be here so wait till we get somebody who does.
• The NCAA should keep coaches from switching jobs. (Unless Saban wants to coach in Knoxville.)
• Kiffin couldn't handle the pressure in the SEC. (So he went to L.A., where I hear they have a few journalists who like to sensationalize things.)
• We knew he was a loser all along — just not this much of a loser.
• But he named his son Knox.
• He's a bum. Maybe we can get Jon Gruden.
• He left because the referees are corrupt and didn't penalize Mount Cody for throwing his helmet.
• Judas Iscariot...Lane Kiffin. (So UT is Jesus?)

And my favorite...

"Hire Fulmer! Hire Fulmer! Hire Fulmer!"


Davis said...

My favorite quote of the day is from UT player Josh McNeil:

"Monte was loved by everyone," says McNeil. "He was a great guy, a great football coach, but a better guy."

McNeil pauses for a moment, thinks.

"He and Lane had absolutely nothing in common."

original article:


Great stuff. Thanks.