Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rajaan Bennett would rank on paper as best of Vanderbilt running back recruits from 2009-2010

Kentucky fans are throwing up their hands and UT fans are sending their congratulations, and still there's no solid source out there saying that Rajaan Bennett has committed to Vandy.

One Vols fan posted a link, but it was a link to another one of his posts congratulating us for landing Rajaan.

Meanwhile, James Potts, a Buffalo commitment, is also considering a Vanderbilt offer... if he still has an offer after Bennett committed... if Bennett did commit... and even if Bennett did commit and there was one scholarship then maybe Potts is still coming to Vandy... and taking Jerrell Priester's scholarship offer... if it's true that Priester could be jumping ship to Kentucky.

In the meantime, here's how some high school running backs from the past two years look on paper, starting with the most highly ranked:


1. RAJAAN BENNETT, 2010 (Offers from VU, UT, UK)
5-10, 202; Georgia
Scout: 3 stars, No. 65 RB
Rivals: 4 stars, No. 19 RB
ESPN: 3 stars, No. 111 RB (75 rating)

2. JAMES POTTS, 2010 (Buffalo commit, considering VU offer)
5-11, 175; Florida
Scout: 3 stars, No. 85 RB
Rivals: 3 stars, No. 24 RB
ESPN: 3 stars, No. 54 RB (77 rating)

3. MYRON ROSS, 2010 (Former Vandy commit, switched to Temple)
6-1, 205; Pennsylvania
Scout: 3 stars, No. 64 RB
Rivals: 3 stars, No. 59 RB
ESPN: 3 stars, No. 73 RB (77 rating)

4. JERRELL PRIESTER, 2010 (Vandy commit, offer from UK)
5-9, 170; South Carolina
Scout: 3 stars, No. 100 RB
Rivals: 3 stars, No. 59 Athlete
ESPN: 3 stars, No. 89 Athlete (77 rating)

5. ERIC SAMUELS, 2009 (Switched to cornerback, played in six games as VU frosh)
6-0, 184; Florida
Scout: 2 stars, No. 114 RB
Rivals: 3 stars, No. 83 Athlete
ESPN: 3 stars, No. 42 RB (78 rating)

6. ZAC STACY, 2009 (Started four games for VU as true freshman)
5-10, 194; Alabama
Scout: 2 stars, No. 209 RB
Rivals: 3 stars, No. 48 RB
ESPN: 3 stars, No. 98 RB (76 rating)

7. WARREN NORMAN, 2009 (Started seven games for VU, SEC freshman of year)
5-10, 188; Georgia
Scout: 2 stars, No. 122 RB
Rivals: 3 stars, No. 36 All-Purpose RB
ESPN: 2 stars, No. 119 RB (74 rating)

8. WESLEY TATE, 2009 (Redshirt freshman at VU)
6-1, 215; Tennessee
Scout: 2 stars, not ranked
Rivals: 3 stars, No. 70 RB
ESPN: 2 stars, No. 165 RB (72 rating)

Of course, would we trade Warren, Zac Stacy and Wesley Tate right now for Rajaan Bennett, James Potts and Myron Ross?

No way.

And if you're wondering, Bennett could wind up playing linebacker, while Priester and Potts could be outstanding cornerbacks.

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