Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nevermind, Stone won't be visiting, or playing for, Vanderbilt

Scout.com just reported that James Stone has dropped Vandy from his list and will be deciding between Alabama and Auburn.

He visited Auburn last weekend and was scheduled to visit Bama this weekend and Vandy next weekend, but will now visit Bama next weekend instead. He's been very methodical about his decision-making. You certainly can't blame him for going to Tuscaloosa or Auburn. You'd think he'd have a better chance playing for us right away, but Saban hardly ever redshirts his freshmen and isn't afraid to throw them into a big-game situation. I guess you can do that when they're big-game players to begin with.

Oh well. To quote Stephen Stills, we'll just love the ones we're with. I'm looking forward to seeing Kyle Woestmann, Jared Morse and Vince Taylor take it to Stone in Tuscaloosa in 2011 if he's playing for Bama.


Aaron said...

I'm not saying this will happen, because it probably won't (Stone will probably just end up at Bama like you and a lot of other people think), but these stories can't entirely be trusted. A few weeks ago Stone supposedly named a final four that didn't include Vandy. The next day it comes out that Vandy is in his final three. With kids that keep things queit i feel as if people should just leave them alone until they sign their LOI, the way the kids want the sitatuion to go down.


Good point, Aaron. I can't imagine what it'd be like being 18 years old and having every football fan in America bugging me about which college I'll pick. And it is incredible that all these Web sites out there are tracking his every move. He seems like a good kid and I admire how he's handled this decision so far.