Friday, January 29, 2010

Derrick Dooley actually respects Vanderbilt

Notice that Tennessee's making a late push either for players we've already signed or have a decent chance of signing?

What's up with that?

Two things:

(1) Lane Kiffin's gone, and guys like James Stone find the Vols much more attractive without him. So take Kiffin away, and the type of kids attracted to Vandy become at least a bit more interested in UT.

(2) The Commodores always gave Derrick Dooley's daddy fits. Buy the CD of Munson's greatest calls and it's amazing how many Vandy-Georgia games, usually in Nashville, reached Biblical proportions. Example: "Terry Hoage! Terry Hoage! Terry Hoage!" The last thing Daddy Dooley wanted was to lose to Vandy. Kiffin wasn't from around here and considered Vandy not worth worrying about. But Little Dooley thinks differently. Sure, he wants to beat Florida but he's got some time to work up to that. What could kill his SEC coaching career faster than anything? Losing to Vandy. Just ask Ray Goff.

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