Saturday, September 19, 2009

Halftime in Nashville: Welcome to our nightmare

Last season, we went to Starkville and gained just seven first downs and a pitiful 107 yards of total offense, including 62 yards passing and 45 rushing.

Those numbers seem absolutely prolific compared to tonight's halftime stats.

Get this: We've got 29 yards of total offense and a single first down. I'm not kidding. That includes two yards rushing and 29 yards passing.

No kidding. Two yards rushing on 13 carries:

• Zac Stacy: five carries, 7 yards
• Kennard Reeves: three carries, 2 yards
• Warren Norman: two carries, 1 yard
• Larry Smith: three carries, minus 8 yards

Meanwhile, our defense looks good, but has still surrendered 166 total yards, including 111 yards on the ground and 55 yards in the air, plus 11 first downs.

Extremely disappointing, wouldn't you say?

We're only down 6-3 but it doesn't bode well for us.

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