Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mackenzi Adams wants to play somewhere, anywhere

Mackenzi Adams says he doesn't plan to stand on the sidelines and signal plays all season. Jared Funk's already been on the team for four seasons and he can do it, right? No, Mac wants to play wide receiver or wherever he can help.

The only backup quarterback that Bobby Johnson's moved to another position was Steven Bright, who bulked up and became an H-Back, but he didn't wait for his fifth year on campus to do it. (Turner Wimberly signed out of high school as a quarterback but was never seriously considered as a signal caller.) I thought Benji Walker, Jay Cutler's backup, could have played another position, but never did. And sheez, didn't we all want to see Chris Nickson just go ahead and line up at running back last season?

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