Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Larry Smith and Mackenzi Adams say Johnson never told them who was starting at quarterback for Vandy

You know how Bobby Johnson announced in a press conference Monday that Larry Smith was the starting quarterback? Apparently, it was news to both Smith and the quarterback he beat out, Mackenzi Adams.

Smith told the Tennessean's Jeff Lockridge that he found out when a cousin text-messaged him on his way to class.

"I was actually surprised because nobody else contacted me about it," Smith said. He added that he believed her and wasn't surprised, but that "it just caught me off guard that I found out through my cousin."

When told this, Johnson said: "Oh, Larry knew that."

Here's what Mackenzi told Lockridge: "I talked to the coaches in the spring and I knew they wanted to see how Larry would develop and were kind of pushing for him to be the starter. It's frustrating. Fourth time around. It's really frustrating. I wasn't really told. I kind of found out when Coach Johnson had his press conference."

So what happened? Johnson doesn't seem like the kind of guy to keep his players in the dark.

During the press conference, somebody almost reluctantly asked Johnson if he'd named a quarterback and he said Larry was the guy.

Maybe Johnson had planned to tell Larry and Mac first but then somebody asked him and he gave his answer. Or maybe he thought they'd figured it out. I mean, nobody was surprised. Larry had been getting more reps in practice. But if Mac really did find out from Johnson's press conference then that's a shame. He's earned the right to be told ahead of time.

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