Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jamie Graham's Death Valley advice: Wear deodorant

Vanderbilt players sure sound excited about going down to Death Valley.

In a video from the Monday press conference, Jamie Graham said, "Just being in that environment and being the athlete I am and being on the field so much and experiencing everything I'm gonna be experiencing on Saturday night, I got to look forward to it."

And Bradley Vierling told the Tennessean this: "I hear that night games at LSU are exceptional. They are a rowdy crowd, which is awesome. I know the last time Vanderbilt was there they were shaking and rocking our bus."

And Thomas Welch is talking about the eggs and other stuff the Tiger fans throw at the players. "Everybody is super excited," Thomas says.

I love the attitude: Hey, those people down there are nuts and they're gonna throw stuff on us. Cool! These Vandy players made huge strides two seasons ago with the victory in Columbia, and then last season with the big home wins over SC and Auburn and the gutsy road win over Ole Miss. And then the bowl victory.

The Baton Rouge trip is just another step in their football education, a step that will make them better football players and could even be historic, like breaking LSU's 30-game winning streak in night home games.

Oh, and here's that advice from Jamie to the freshmen:

"Try to control your sweat. Put a lot of deodorant on ’cause it's gonna be a long day down there. You've got to be ready for everything — you're gonna get fans yelling at you and you might get something thrown at you. You've got to get ready for everything they throw at you and not just throw at you physically."

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