Monday, September 7, 2009

Larry Smith now stands alone as the SEC starting quarterback with the highest winning percentage

Going into Saturday's game, Larry Smith was tied with Georgia's Joe Cox for current SEC quarterback with the highest winning percentage as a starter. Each of them had started and won one game.

Of course, Cox and the Bulldogs got manhandled in Stillwater on Saturday, so now Larry's the only SEC starter to never lose a game. He's 2 for 2, and batting a thousand, to mix our sports metaphors.
If you're wondering, Miss State QB Chris Relf looked impressive in his first game, a win over Jackson State, but he didn't start. And Ryan Mallett won his first game as a starter for Arkansas, but he's already started and lost games as a freshman at Michigan.

And in case you're wondering, Larry should be ready to go Saturday in Baton Rouge. For some reason the trainer in the above photo is holding Larry's throwing arm, which sent many fans, including our buddies over at VSL, into a panic. I'd have been in a panic too if I could have picked up the dang game in the northwest corner of Tennessee. Couldn't even get it on the radio because the Pittsburgh and then the Alabama games were bleeding into it.

As I told my father-in-law, it's easier to get a Tennessee game on the radio in Montana than it is to get a Vanderbilt game on the radio in Tennessee.

But I digress. Larry's fine. He had leg cramps. He's been drinking water. He's worked out the jitters and now he's ready to dazzle in the Bayou. Happy Labor Day.


Vandyphile said...

You should be able to hear and, maybe, watch the game over the internet though. That's what I started doing last year and it works pretty well.


Yeah, you're right. I didn't mention that we were out in the boondocks and didn't have Internet access either. But I did get into town eventually and get online and listened to the end of the game on AM 990 out of Memphis.