Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey Commodore fans, it's Jimmy Kiser who's calling the plays

Here are a few things we learned from Monday's press conference with Bobby Johnson:

• Stop hatin' on Ted Cain. Because Jimmy Kiser's calling the plays, which Bobby thinks has been fine so far. He says Kiser, the quarterback coach, calls the plays now because he knows the quarterback best and understands what plays he wants to run. So what do fans do now? Call for Jimmy Kiser to be fired instead of Cain?

• Injuries: Jamie Graham had a concussion. That's bad. And he's not getting a chance to play offense because of the lack of depth in the secondary. Eric Samuels didn't "look good" in pregame warm-ups against Miss State and is still nursing an ankle so he didn't play. Jared Hawkins may get in the game Saturday in his home state. Also, he said he'll strongly consider playing safety Jay Fullam if the true freshman can return in the next few weeks from a hand injury.

• New faces: Eddie Foster excelled at cornerback. Linebackers Archie Barnes and Dexter Daniels are playing well on special teams. Johnson also said Warren Norman blocked well and returned kicks well.

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Greg M said...

Yeah, I caught that on the press conference. I think they said took over at some point last year. It was a brilliant move by Bobby to hand the play calling of to someove besides Ted Cain, that way if things keep stinking he can fire Jimmy instead of his friend. I don't care who calls the plays.
Fact is we were 110th in total offense in 2007, 117# last year and headed to the same spot this year ( currently 11th in the SEC).If we finish up down their again something has to change.