Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miss State takes LSU the distance, which is reason to feel good about the Commodores

OK, so Miss State lost at home today to LSU.

But the Bulldogs had the ball 3rd and goal on the 4-inch line, six points down and about a minute left.

Dan Mullen made a brilliant call to fake the dive and leave a man wide open in the back of the end zone, but his 5-foot-tall quarterback Tyson Lee couldn't arc the ball enough and multi-sport sensation Chad Jones leapt up from the line of scrimmage and actually tipped the ball.

Of course, those morons at the SEC network — only one of them is named Dave now — thought it was a terrible call and wondered why State didn't just run off tackle two straight times when LSU had the box stacked.

It was a brilliant call by Mullen, and Les Miles gets by once again on freakish talent and freakish luck. When Mullen gets himself a decent quarterback, look out. And you'd better believe there's a talented pro-style kid out there who wants to play for the guy who called the plays for Mr. Tebow.

But anyway, this shows, I think, that Miss State wasn't as bad as we thought. The Dogs scared the daylights out of LSU, even with Lee throwing three picks and special teams giving up a critical TD punt return to Jones, who by the way is a real stud.

And if State's not as bad as we thought, then maybe we're not as bad as we thought. In other words, maybe we can beat Rice tonight.

Go Dores.

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