Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why should we go with Goro?

As we approach kickoff for the Rice game, a full quarter of the people responding to our "what-the-heck-should-we-do-about-quarterback" poll believe the answer is burning the redshirt off Charlie Goro and starting him right now. (By the way, nobody believes Mac or Funk is the solution.)

I'm not in the play-Goro-now camp. I believe Larry Smith's the man, at least this season and probably next, and that he's going to bounce back and have a big game against Rice and play pretty well for the rest of the season if he can remain injury-free.

But many of you, including one particularly enthusiastic anonymous poster, believes that Goro is our man — and right stinking now!

I'd like to hear from you folks who think we should go with Goro. I'm all ears.


Anonymous said...

You want to keep Larry at QB fine, I'll concede and agree with another poster who suggested maybe give Goro a try as receiver because of his speed (Although I think using him as a receiver concedes the leadership ability he can bring at the QB role, which is a huge reason why he can be a very special surprise, he has huge confidence in himself) ......but hey keep Larry and incorporate the Wildcat - the offense will explode w both Larry and Charlie in Wildcat


You're right about Goro's leadership and self-confidence. I keep hearing that too.

I think if Goro plays, it should be while leading the team at quarterback, not as a role player.

Right now, he appears to be on the Larry plan: scout team QB, get some action as a redshirt frosh and then challenge to start the following year. But if he's clearly better than Larry, then he gets a shot at his job in the spring. (Mac will be gone and Funk's run out of chances.)