Tuesday, September 22, 2009

His receivers can't catch, but at least Bobby Johnson hasn't lost his sense of humor

Bobby Johnson was on his game this morning in his chat with the guys from Nashville sports station 104.5 FM.

At one point, Mark Howard asked Johnson: “How frustrating were the drops by the wide receivers?”

To which Bobby replied: “I enjoyed it.”

Which prompted this question from the former Titans tight end and noted satirist Frank Wycheck: “Bobby, how does it feel to lose a game?”

When asked what he thought about being listed as “Bobby Jones” in the game notes published by the Rice sports information department, Johnson said: “They were probably thinking of my golf game.”

Glad to see he’s still got his sense of humor.

He said two other things I found interesting.

First, he said Larry Smith would have to do something “pretty major” to lose his starting position, like suddenly cop a “bad attitude.” He cited Smith’s strong arm, saying, “He makes all the throws we want.” He also said Smith works hard and prepares well.

Also, Johnson said the C-USA officiating crew aided Rice last season in its up-tempo attack, which was highly successful in the first half. He said Rice had “three or four guys moving when the ball was snapped.”