Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good night, Commodores

Tyson Lee just ate our lunch again and now we trail 15-3.

Our offense has been horrible.

Bobby Johnson has gotten taken to school by Dan Mullen, just like he got taken to school last year by David Cutliffe of Duke.

We don't do better than 4-8 this season. This was the game of the year for us, and we choked.


Greg M said...

I just got back to Chattanooga after the game. I went to the McCallie Ensworth game last night. Ensworth has 2 Players on the line that go 305 and 300. I swear that as small as McCallie's O-Line is they could have rushed for more yards than VU. We go 3-9 and have a highly ranked defense at year end. D played great. It may not be all Ted Cain's fault but I may not ever go to a game again as long as he is there.

Greg M said...

I may have gone to my last VU game.
If coach BJ doesn't care enough to do what has to be done then why should I? He will not fire his friend Ted Cain, ever, so our O will always s#$k.


We've got to do something, that's for sure. We just got dominated by the so-called worst team in the league.