Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's the fourth quarter and Vandy's looking good

Vanderbilt's up 28-0 over Western Carolina in the fourth quarter, which is exactly where Bobby Johnson wanted to be. Right or wrong, he's not gonna pin a Lane Kiffin-style whipping on the Catamounts. He's going to play it close to the vest.

I haven't seen any of the game and have followed only a bit online. Here are the highlights as I see it, but let me know your thoughts:

SMITH SETTLING IN: Larry Smith was a bit shaky in the beginning, fumbling near the end zone and missing on a bunch of passes. But he finished with more than 160 yards, with the highlight a 46-yard rope to former tight end Justin Green. (See photo above.) Adams is in the game now.

TIGHT ENDS LOOK GOOD: Barden and Monahan are tied for the lead in receptions with three apiece.

HOW BOUT THEM FRESHMEN BACKS: Oh, we're burying the lead. So far, Zac Stacy has rushed 20 times for 130 yards and a touchdown, and Warren Norman has 18 carries for 110 yards and two scores. Wow.

STOUT DEFENSE: As of the start of the fourth quarter, the Catamount offense had crossed the 50-yard line once. That's domination.

ANOTHER FRESHMAN: Collin Ashley played in the game and has one reception. Looks like all the starters but John Cole have caught passes.

That's all for now. Go Dores, and bring on LSU.

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